Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance

A car accident is typically exactly what it sounds like – an accident. The National Academy of Sciences published a study by TA Dingus et al. that found that distracted driving, which ranges from cell phone use to fatigue, has become one of the primary causes of serious car accidents. This shows that it is incredibly important to always be an attentive driver by staying focused, following the rules of the road while driving, and knowing when to pull over.

Relating to car accidents is the topic of today’s post- Supplemental Spousal Liability coverage. If you are married and live in New York State, we suggest adding this important coverage to your auto policy if you do not already have it. If you don’t know for sure whether or not you have it, take a moment to review the most current copy of your auto policy or contact our office to see exactly what you are covered for.

As the National Assoc of Insurance Commissioners explains, most NY auto insurance policies provide coverage for the injuries and damages of people and property involved in an accident. Policies also include uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage, which covers pain and suffering to you if you get into an accident with an at fault driver that has no or little liability insurance.  The important thing to note is that, if you cause an accident, these coverage’s may not cover your spouse if they are injured in the accident. Supplemental Spousal Liability coverage fixes this lack of coverage by providing coverage for bodily injury or death of the spouse of the at fault insured driver. Please don’t hesitate our office today to see if your policy includes this coverage, to learn more about it or to get the price to add it to your policy.


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