The 2024 Eclipse and Earthquakes: Can I Get Coverage For It?

As anticipation builds for the total solar eclipse, scientists are uncovering an unexpected link between eclipses and earthquakes. Studies suggest that the gravitational forces during an eclipse can influence seismic activity, raising concerns for earthquake-prone regions. In fact, even areas that haven’t experienced many earthquakes in the past have been affected—-such as New York and New Jersey on April 5th.

This connection underscores the importance of something many people might not have thought about: Earthquake Insurance.

Is Earthquake covered under my insurance policy?


The simple answer is that most insurance policies exclude coverage for earthquakes.  However, you may be able to add this coverage to your policy for an additional premium.  Earthquake coverage, deductible, and cost vary from company to company. Rating may be based on items such as building’s construction material, foundation type, year of construction, and location.


What does it cover?

Typically, Earthquake Insurance will cover a loss due to landslide, settlement, mudflow, or the rising/sinking of Earth. When you are purchasing Earthquake Insurance, some things you should consider is whether or not detached structures, such as a garage, and personal property  are included. Other important questions to ask yourself is if your policy will pay for additional living expenses. Exclusions and limitations should be considered before purchasing coverage.

As we marvel at the cosmic spectacle of the eclipse, let’s also recognize the importance of preparedness. By securing Earthquake Insurance, we can better safeguard our homes, businesses, and futures against the unpredictable forces of nature.


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