The value of working with a local, independent insurance agent

April 4, 2017 By RENAISSANCE ALLIANCE Check out this short video clip on the value of working with an independent insurance agent. We spied it on Twitter the other day, posted by one of our great insurance company partners, Safety

Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports Activities

Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports Activities It’s a common situation — a thunderstorm is approaching or nearby. Are conditions outside safe, or is it time to head for safe place? Not wanting to appear overly cautious, many people wait far

Have a Happy and Healthy Summer

Welcome to prime tax scam season!

When it comes to ID theft, you really can’t afford to relax – the criminals who are out to get you certainly aren’t slacking off: In 2014, there was a new identity fraud victim every two seconds. In the same

Drivers and Passengers Beware!

Drivers and Passengers Beware! While reviewing a Personal Auto Policy renewal for a client, I noticed that a new form had been added to the list of endorsements and forms. It was called “Ride Sharing Advisory Notice 1.” It immediately