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Cyber Prevention is the Best Insurance

  In today’s world, digital communication is the most prevalent and the most efficient way to communicate, utilized by countless individuals across the globe. With that being said, it also opens the door to hundreds of scam opportunities and gives

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The 2024 Eclipse and Earthquakes: Can I Get Coverage For It?

As anticipation builds for the total solar eclipse, scientists are uncovering an unexpected link between eclipses and earthquakes. Studies suggest that the gravitational forces during an eclipse can influence seismic activity, raising concerns for earthquake-prone regions. In fact, even areas

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‘That Little Extra Coverage’

Do you ever think, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra coverage on my home and auto policies?” The fact that your home and auto policies have limitations that may not be enough for certain instances, may be

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Drivers and Passengers Beware!

Drivers and Passengers Beware! While reviewing a Personal Auto Policy renewal for a client, I noticed that a new form had been added to the list of endorsements and forms. It was called “Ride Sharing Advisory Notice 1.” It immediately

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