Water Damage Prevention

An ounce of prevention can save you your deductible. Over the years I’ve heard various types of water damage claims that clients have experienced. Partly because of this, I’m taking matters into my own hands as it relates to trying to prevent water damage at our home or office. Our properties are now heated via a baseboard system that runs a direct water feed line to our hot water heater and oil burner.  Due to this change, I am able to install a cut off valve to all of the other piping that feeds the rest of the house and building so that when we leave, we can simply turn off that valve. This simple step reassures me that some random second floor pipe will not burst and create havoc in the form of water damage. Any essential piping can remain separate- such as those that feeds to sprinklers. A direct line still potentially minimizes your risk.


The cost of hiring a qualified plumber to add a few pipes and valves will be inexpensive compared to the resulting damage of a pipe burst.  Another great solution is to add a water cutoff; this turns off the main valve when sensors become wet.  Our properties  already have these, but unfortunately,  there are only so many you can add and they do not provide the same coverage as simply turning off the water.  We have large deductibles to help reduce our premiums so I am always thinking about prevention and how to save money in the event of a loss.  Having great insurance is so important and not having to use it is even better.

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