Heavy Rains and Surface Water


Long Island is experiencing some of its heaviest rains in years if not ever.  Many folks are undoubtably experiencing flooding in their basements or low parts of their home or business.  Our claims rep has been fielding calls all morning, but in most cases, there will not be any coverage on a standard homeowners policy if the water damage is a result of surface water entering the home or structure.  If a policy has sewer backup coverage and the water is backing up that way,  there could be coverage.  Also, if you have flood insurance, there could be coverage.

Don’t wait to call your insurance carrier to see if there is coverage before acting.  Take the proper steps to mitigate further damage, by trying to remove the water as best as possible,  drying the space with a dehumidifyer or running your air conditioner on a low temperture to try to remove as much moisture as possible.  During the summer do not run the heat as this could create a mold situation.  Remove damaged carpets that can not be dried and will have to be removed anyway.  Check to see if water entered behind walls and try to expose to dry out. 

Contact your insurance professional as soon as possible to get further direction if it is needed.  Our agency has a full time claim representative on staff ready to answer claims related questions.  He is experienced in all areas of home and automobile repairs and can give great advice. 

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