Are low costs always better?

6808726_sA lot of people are enticed by seemingly much lower costs when they are comparing and shopping for insurance. But are the cheaper rates always better?

Some carriers have to charge lower rates because they are in a market where they cannot compete with the more expensive carriers. In some instances, due to the quality of claims service as well as other products, they have to offer a lower cost product that can be seen as inferior in some instances. There also seems to be a direct correlation in many, if not most, instances between cost and coverage as well as service. Sometimes, companies are also downgraded and they need to restart generating their business, so they need to come in with lower pricing. These types of companies are not always the most financially stable. So, because of all these reasons, while a price for a policy might seem very attractive, the end result would mean that if you had a claim, which is one of the primary reasons why you buy insurance in the first place, you might not be properly satisfied or it might not even be properly handled.

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