Do you really need an insurance agent?

If you’ve never had an insurance agent to manage your personal & commercial policies, you may be wondering why you would need one. An independent agency & brokerage (like us!) only benefits you, so don’t miss out on the benefits of having one.

What are the advantages of having an independent insurance agent?

  1. Choices. An independent agent can offer you a policy from a number of different carriers. We represent only the best, A-rated personal & commercial carriers in New York. If you’re not happy with your coverage or your premium is too high, we simply shop around to find you the right policy from a carrier that would suit you better.
  2. Savings. Since independent agencies like us represent a variety of carriers, we can shop around to find the best policy at the lowest price. A good agent knows what coverage you need for your family or business so you don’t pay more than you have to. Since your agent works for you, they don’t waste time trying to sell you a policy you don’t need.
  3. Personal Service. Your agent knows your insurance needs inside and out. We develop a relationship with you so we can anticipate opportunities for savings and manage your risk better. Best of all, when you need to make a claim, your agent is there to help you.

Experience the difference an insurance agent can make

If you’re in New York, call us at (516) 484-5200 or send us an email at to learn how we can help you lower your insurance premiums and manage your risk better.

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