4 Reasons you need Travel Insurance for your next trip

Protect your trip for a care-free vacationOnly one-third of Americans insure their vacation trips, and it’s no surprise why that figure is so low. Some have never heard of travel insurance, some believe they already have adequate coverage, and others think it’s an unnecessary expense.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance coverage can be as narrow or as broad as you need it to be. The most popular kind, package plans, can provide coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, travel delays, baggage loss or delay, emergency evacuation, and medical expenses. Travel insurance premiums are based on your age and the cost & length of your trip. (Get a free travel insurance quote now)

Not all health insurance plans automatically cover you for medical expenses incurred while traveling abroad, so you should check with your health insurance provider to find out if you need separate travel medical insurance.

Why should you have travel insurance?

  1. Travel insurance is cheap

    A comprehensive travel insurance policy typically accounts for as little as 5% of a vacation’s cost, providing thousands of dollars worth of protection for the equivalent of a restaurant meal. Protecting a single trip isn’t as expensive as you thought it would be.

  2. Vacation costs are an investment

    You protect your home, your car, and your health with insurance. The cost of your vacation is just as much of an investment—in your rest and relaxation. The average American spends $2,700 on a vacation trip, a considerable sum that is worth protecting from unexpected events.

  3. Travel insurance comes in handy

    A survey by the US Travel Insurance Association found that 17% of travelers who purchase insurance file a claim, more than double the rate of policyholders who file a claim on their homeowner’s insurance. Travel insurance provides affordable protection when you need it most.

  4. Plan without worry

    If you’re planning a trip far in advance, spending a significant sum, or dealing with complicated vacation plans, travel insurance gives you the flexibility to make worry-free arrangements. Recoup nonrefundable costs, don’t sweat when a problem crops up, and enjoy your vacation the way you were meant to—all you need is travel insurance.

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