AETNA International Business

We are proud to be able to now offer the AETNA International Medical Insurance suite of products to all eligible clients.  With over 37.9 million client members worldwide covering businesses and diplomats through their Consulates, Missions and Embassies, the AETNA’s program is one of the best options for medical, dental and vision insurance for any business or government entity that has an international exposure.  AETNA is focused on providing great services to their clients as well as assisting them in whatever way possible when overseas or local.  AETNA will provide excellent benefits and can create a tailored plan to suit your needs. With 4 international hubs across the world, employees in 16 countries, 1.2 million medical providers in the US alone, AETNA is able to assist customers 24/7 anywhere. Call us today if you would like to learn more about how Aetna and our agency can help your organization.


(Also see the PowerPoint in this link for more information – AETNA International business) 

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