Heavy Rain is no fun with water damage

A hurricane appearing on a radar

The recent heavy rain has become more of a burden than we realize. Discovering water damage is definitely not fun. This is why many need to take the necessary steps and precautions to insure themselves adequately in the event of nature. Making sure you have a flood policy in place to cover yourself when storms and heavy rains occurs is essential. Homeowner’s policies do not cover flood damage, so the supplemental policy is needed to protect yourself and your property. Preparation beforehand is important as well, like keeping gutters and drains clear of debris in order to prevent blockages.

Sewer backup is also a problem that can arise from these large storms. When large amounts of precipitation occur, it can overwhelm your sewage system, causing raw sewage to flow through your drains. This can cause a major headache, not to mention possibly massive damage to your property. The problem with sewer backup is most of these systems are not covered under a typical homeowners policy, nor is it covered by flood insurance. Make sure you have sewer backup coverage in addition to your other policies so you can make sure you’re safe if these problems happen to you.

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