Why should I elect to have roadside assistance?


When purchasing car insurance, there are so many different types of coverage available. For a low cost, all auto insurance companies offer road side assistance, which is very important to have. What will this cover? Why is it important? When you’re driving, you don’t plan on any mishaps occurring on your route. No one really says, “Hey I hope I run out of gas or get a flat tire on my way to work.” These are all things roadside assistance will cover and more! Roadside assistance coverage does vary from company to company, but typically it will cover situations like towing to the nearest repair facility, minor labor, flat tires, keys being accidentally locked in the vehicle, running out of gas, etc. This is a very inexpensive coverage for such a worthy cause. Next time you are reviewing your auto policy, make sure you see roadside assistance listed as a coverage or call us for a quote to add it onto your policy.

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