Keep all of your insurance under one roof

You may have your homeowner’s or auto insurance policy with us, but did you know we can manage all of your insurance policies? Simplify your life by keeping all of your insurance under one roof. Since we’re an independent agency, we look out for your interests rather than the insurance company’s.

In addition to common lines of insurance like home, auto, business, and life, we can help you with any of the following:


As a condo only, you have special insurance needs.  Although your condo association covers the building itself, you need to protect the “walls inward” such as the kitchen, bath, walls and floors.  Also, the association’s policy will not cover your personal property.  In addition, condo insurance provides coverage in case you cause damage to other units in your building due to an accidental overflow of water from your toilet, shower or washing machine. Condo insurance is very affordable and most carriers offer multi-policy discounts.

Co-op owners need the same protection as condo owners except that co-op owners need to protect the improvements and betterments made to their individual apartment.


Think your landlords insurance protects your personal belongings? Think again, most apartment owners must seek their own insurance to cover their personal items. Such items can include furniture, computers, clothing, etc.


Flood insurance is more necessary than ever today. We work hard to find the right coverage for your home in case of any natural disasters while keeping the cost within your budget. Rest easy in knowing your home will be covered for any future flood risks. If you have a home or want to buy a home in a special flood zone area, you should definitely give us a call today for a quote.


An umbrella policy provides excess liability coverage, meaning it kicks in once your primary auto or home insurance has paid up to their limits. You can typically purchase significant umbrella coverage for very affordable rates.


Protect your most prized possessions against loss. A Valuable Articles policy covers your most expensive possessions, including jewelry (engagement & wedding rings), silverware, sports equipment, cameras, computers, musical instruments, and more.


If you own a classic car that is driven only on a limited basis, you may qualify for an antique vehicle policy to protect your showroom-worthy investment at a reduced cost compared to normal auto insurance.

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