Get to know your Hurricane & Earthquake deductibles

Do you know what your deductibles are?

The Eastern seaboard has seen some dramatic weather in the past few weeks, which makes knowing your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage all the more important. There’s nothing worse than enduring a rare weather event or natural disaster only to find that your policy requires you to pay a large deductible before your coverage kicks in, or that you don’t even have coverage in the first place.

My wife Patti has previously written about the importance of knowing what your homeowner’s policy hurricane and windstorm deductible is. New York’s recent experiences with both a major tropical storm and earthquake aftershock is a reminder that such events, while rare, can and do happen, so it is important to be covered before you experience a loss.

Find the right balance between coverage and premium

Are you looking for maximum premium savings, or the most comprehensive, generous coverage? Your requirements determine what kind of policy you should have for your home, and we can help you find the perfect balance. Call us today at (516) 484-5200 or send us an email at for a free review of your current policy.

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