Group Medical Insurance

We’ll help you manage your costs and explain how the new health insurance reform law will affect you.
Medical insurance should be a benefit, not a chore

Lower your Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance premiums

Don’t get stuck with higher premiums every year for a plan that doesn’t fit your needs. There are other options available, and at Curran Cooney Penny we can help you find the plan that fits your business or family needs.

Learn about all your options

There are literally thousands of options to choose from, and we search the market for the plans that fit your business’s needs from dozens of carriers.

We’ll put together a custom proposal for your budget and explain the different benefits & features.

How did a 3-employee business save 15% on medical insurance?

When their renewal premium skyrocketed, they came to us. We found them a Healthy NY plan for $941 a month (per family) and helped them understand all the benefits and features.

Independent Agents working for you

As an independent, Trusted Choice agent, we’re not interested in pushing products or plans on you. We show you all of your options and let you decide what plan best fits your needs. And if you have any problems or questions about your policy, you have a personal agent to help you at every step.

The only way to find out how much you can save on a group medical plan is to contact us for a free quote and information today.