Agency Directory

Our insurance experts are dedicated to helping you with all of your policies. Find a Curran Cooney Penny or N.S. Gigourtakis employee in our directory, or call us at (516) 484-5200 to speak with an agent.

Name Position
Michael Wittkowski President, Curran Cooney Penny Agency
Joseph Fitzsimons Commercial Lines (New Business)
Esta Greenstein Commercial Lines & Group Benefits
Joseph Pascuzzo Commercial Lines – Administrative Support / Certificates of Insurance
Kevin Manley Commercial Lines – Administrative Support
Timothy Wittkowski Commercial Lines – Administrative Support
Thomas Wittkowski Claims Representative & Workers Comp / DBL
Rikke Campagno Personal Lines Account Executive
Christine Lutz Personal Lines Account Executive
Liz Paladino Personal Lines Account Executive
Nicole Oristano Personal Lines (New Business/Rewrites)
Brian Canales Data Specialist / Personal Lines – Administrative Support
Arnice Izquierdo Personal Lines – Administrative Support
Katelyn Wittkowski Personal Lines – Administrative Support / Marketing
Jessica Lopes Administrative Support / Marketing
Laura Gettler Accounting
Caren Miller Billing & Front Desk
Paul Carbone President, N.S. Gigourtakis & Co.